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Septic Tank Emptying

For the treatment of septic tanks and waster water treatment systems, Waste Water Disposal Services are the specialists.  Using our CCTV guided high pressure system we can guarantee the best and most thorough job to give you peace of mind. Whether a domestic or commercial installation, our cleaning and treatment system is right for you.

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Site Callout & Visual Assessment

SepCare’s team will visit your home or site and complete an obligation free visual assessment of the individual requirements for your project. We will identify and provide estimated timelines and costs to meet your needs and budget. Our engineer will complete a site suitability assessment & system design report in accordance with EPA standards.

Septic Tank Installation

A septic tank system typically consists of 2 tanks/chambers that allow for waste water from a domestic house to settle out to remove suspended solids and for the liquid waste to gravity feed or to be pumped to a soil percolation area. Septic Tank systems are used as holding tanks and are emptied periodically. We provide a variety of Septic Tank System sizes and specifications for individual project requirements.

Septic Tank Maintenance

Some components of current waste water treatment system may have deteriorated over time due to wear and tear and weather exposure. If your existing septic tank is structurally sound and the percolation area is fit for purpose we can assess your needs and diagnose any maintenance or upgrade solutions you may require.

Percolation Area Design

The design of a percolation area will vary with both the site characteristics and method of wastewater treatment. SepCare’s engineers are experts in the design and installation of percolation systems and we will tailor your project based on your specific requirements and budget.

Percolation Area Installation

A trench percolation system uses a number of specifically designed 4″ perforated pipes in stone lined trenches to distribute treated effluent to the subsoil, where it undergoes further treatment. Each pipe is connected to a single distribution box which evenly distributes the wastewater between each trench. Distribution of water along the trench relies on gravity, therefore accurate levels are critical so assessment & design are carried out by one of SepCare’s fully qualified & experienced engineers.

Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater is a free natural resource which you can capture, store and use in your own home whether it is an existing building or a new build. The existing roof, gutter system and downpipes on your house and/or garage can easily be used to collect rainwater. Rainwater harvesting is a method of collecting and treating rain water and storing it for reuse, to partially replace the water used from your main supply. The water can be used for treated to various levels to suit the end users requirements in terms of quality.


Waste Water Solutions Experts

With over 15 years experience and countless happy customers we are Leinster’s waste water experts. Whether you are requiring a new installation of a septic tank and percolation area, system maintenance or desludging, we are here to look after your needs.

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P. Ryan, Kilcock

“We had a new build and SepCare were extremely knowledgeable & helpful in the design process from the start. They were very professional in working with the main building contractor and completed the project on time and on budget which meant the next phase of our build was not delayed.”

S. Murphy, Rathmolyon

“We decided to work with SepCare based on a recommendation from a friend. Rhydian and his team made the process very simple and took a practical and cost effective approach when outlining and delivering our project”

J. O’Brein, Trim

“One of the best decisions we made was to install a rainwater harvesting system. SepCare gave us expert advice on the options available and we now never experience lime blockages in our shower heads or washing machine. We are also looking forward to the added bonus of saving on water charges.”

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